6 kinds of ladies you should avoid dating if you want to have peace

One of the ways one can bring unrest to oneself is to get entangled with the wrong woman. This is why you’ve to be very careful before getting serious with certain types of girls.

1. The Materialistic Ones.

Truth be told you will find yourself to be blamed if you ever end up with a materialistic woman. She would always ask for more without considering if you have or not. You just have to be careful in your selection.

2. The Clubbing Ones.

The party freak should also be avoided if you want to have peace of mind. All she would care about is the next party in town. She would always want to be a partner of all parties. You as a cool-headed man should try as much as possible to avoid a woman like this if you don’t want to be dragged to a location you don’t belong.

3. The “Buy Me The Latest Phone In Town”.

Lol. This could also be disastrous and tasking. The ones that always want to use the latest phone in town would do nothing but be on your neck until you get the phone for her. Don’t use all your savings on a woman like that. It is not worth it. Let be a thing you’re willing to do and not she made it a must for you to do.

4. The “I’m Single And Not Searching Ones”

I used to believe girls above the age of 18 are single until I received the greatest shock of my life. She was having different affairs with different guys. Only for me to realize when it was too late. We all had things we do for her and that was why she was keeping us all. Don’t be a victim. Smart up

5. The Nagging Ones.

If you ever enema up with a woman that nags, you have successfully brought upon yourself unrest for the rest of your life. If she complains too much and doesn’t see your good sides, break out bro.

6. The Unappreciative Ones.

This is also not encouraging. When she finds it difficult to appreciate little things, you will get frustrated and keep thinking about what you’ve to do right to merit her appreciation. Don’t give yourself unnecessarily unrest. Break up.

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