6 Reasons Some Men Feel Pain When They Ejaculate

When a man feels pain during or immediately after ejaculation, it can be caused by various health conditions. The pain can be soft or harsh, depending on how serious the symptoms are.

He may feel the pain in the area between his anus and genital organs, on his scrotum, or in his penis. This can interfere with the process of procreation, so this is not a problem that should be overlooked.

You should consult a doctor immediately to prevent it from becoming a life-threatening issue. When you go for a medical test, doctors can determine the proper medication for you.

According to Healthline, the following are some of the reasons some men feel pain during ejaculation:

1. When a man has inflammation in his prostate gland, leading to perineal pain and abnormal urination, this is medically known as prostatitis and usually happens to mature men. This pain can also make a man have problems with maintaining an erection.

2. When a man has a closed sac developing abnormally in his ejaculatory canal, this can obstruct the passage of male reproductive cells during ejaculation and cause pain. This can also lead to infertility.

3. Painful ejaculation can be one of the symptoms of prostate cancer. A man who has had his prostate affected by cancerous growth will feel pain during ejaculation. This can also make him see blood in his semen, have a difficult time urinating, or suffer from erectile dysfunction.

4. If a man has undergone surgery related to prostate cancer or hernia, it can make him feel pain during ejaculation.

5. If a man is using any class of drugs that treat depression, it can make him feel pain during ejaculation. This can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

6. When there’s an impairment to the bundle of nerve fibers around a man’s pelvis, this can cause venereal pain.

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