6 Things You Don’t Know About Your Penis

Do you know much about your male organ? You have grown up with it and probably shared some experiences, but how well do you know about your male organ? Most people with male organs know much about it but there are some fascinating facts about it they are yet to know. That is why this article shall be listing out some of the surprising facts you need to know.

They include the following;

1. The first erection

Male organs are always born ready that is why most male children are born into the world with an erection. Also, ultrasound scans show that before childbirth a fetus can have a fully formed erection.

2. A male organ is twice as long as you think

Most people do judge the length of the male organ by mere looking. It is shocking to know that the male organ is twice as long as you think. Most half of the length is contained inside the body. It shows its length when it is fully erect, which may be during intercourse.

3. The shoe size myth

It is not true that the length of the male organ is corresponding to the shoe size. According to studies, there is no serious relationship between your shoe size and the length of your male organ. Some scientists considered it as a weak relationship. The length of your male organ is probably dependent on your age, height, and index finger.

4. ‘Morning wood’

It is not yet clear why it happens but most people with male organs do experience 3 to 5 erections every night. This is also called ‘nocturnal penile tumescence’ and it mostly occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. It can help to prevent bedwetting.

5. The male organ can break

It is very possible to break the male organ simply because it has no bone. It is commonly known as a penile fraction and it occurs during vigorous intercourse. It is usually accompanied by pain, swelling, cracking sound, and probably flaccidity. The good news is that it does not happen frequently.

6. The angle of the dangle

Ideally, few male organs are straight because most of them are either curved in one direction or another. It can be straight ahead, left or right, and up or down. There is no need to panic because not all curve is considered unhealthy. So what is the angle of the dangle of your male organ?

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