7 Secret Places To Touch A Woman To Drive Her Crazy

Your body will always respond to certain touches at precise locations, according to science. Whether you recognize it or not, many of these reactions have a sexual undertone. The brain can receive signals from particular physical regions that prepare the body for sexual activity. Sexual urge will soon be upon us, and hormones will start to run riot.

1. Comb her hair with your hands.

Use your hands to comb through her hair. Because of that small act of compassion, she will be relieved and feel better. She will definitely be in a good mood after engaging in this enjoyable activity. She will feel pampered and well-cared-for thanks to it.

2. Use your hands to delicately massage her pelvis.

Due to its proximity to the vagina, the pelvis is an ideal location to stimulate her. She’ll go crazy because she’s so close but also so far away. Before you know it, she will be pleading with you to touch her.

3. Slide a hand in between her thighs.



The previous explanation applied to it as well. She’ll appreciate the taunts because it’s so close to her genitalia. Be confident in taking your time as you stroke her thighs.

4. Gently rub the soles of her feet.

Three things will happen for your girl after a foot massage. She will feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed right away. She will secondly feel genuinely loved and cherished. She’ll eventually start to feel the vibe. The feeling of your beloved man stroking your feet is really alluring.

5. Sniff, lick, and kiss the lobes of her ears.

The ear contains a variety of fascinating nerves that are worth studying. There are many things you can do to genuinely please her in this way. On the inside, her canal is licked. You are welcome to eat her earlobe. Additionally, you can completely circle her ear with your finger.

6. Examine the palms of her hands.



You should be aware, of course, that holding hands with someone you care about can be very effective. You should always try to make contact with her palms as a consequence. It’s a great way to find out what she’s thinking while you’re having fun. She might feel more assured in herself as a result.

7. Touch her knees’ backs all over with your fingers.

It may not be obvious at first, but stroking a woman’s knees with your fingertips can really get her flowing.

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