7 Signs That Show Your Kidney Is Not Working Properly

the kidneys are the body’s natural filter, which aims to detoxify us from harmful and useless substances. The renal system functions as a ‘cleansing unit’ which removes all unnecessary and dangerous substances from the blood.


The removal of toxins and excess water from the blood is one of the main functions of the kidneys. It filters and cleanses 200 litres of blood ( an amount that corresponds to about 1,000 cups of tea). That is why we need to try and keep it healthy.

Chronic kidney disease develops when the kidneys are more or less unable to perform their basic functions (blood purification, hormone production, blood pH regulation). This can cause complications such as high blood pressure, anaemia and heart and blood vessel disease.

There are different signs your body gives you once your kidney is affected. Some of them include;

. Reduced or no urine production (anuria)

. Fatigue

. Decreased alertness

. Confusion

. Pale skin

. Tachycardia

. Dry mouth

. Feeling thirsty

Seek medical help immediately you begin to notice these signs.

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