7 ways to know you’re not being deceived in a relationship.

You can be played on and not know. That’s just the bitter truth. No matter how smart you can ever be there is always someone smarter than you’re and that’s ladies. They know how to play their games well without giving a sign that you’re being played.

Here are the 7 ways to know you’re not being received or played in a relationship.

1. If she finds it difficult to respond she loves you when you say it to her. If you truly love someone saying I love you shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do except that something is fishy. Do you want to hear the truth? You’re being deceived.

2. If she keeps telling you all guys are guys friends to her.

It is funny how some girls make this seem real though. She would keep telling you those guys are her very good friends. My brother, that’s a lie. Don’t be deceived.

3. If she denies you access to her phone gallery.

She must have pictures of herself with some other guys that are why she is finding it difficult to allow you to go through her picture gallery. If you can allow her to go through your phone gallery and she can’t, you’re being deceived bro

4. If she tries to avoid serious questions.

Here is another way you would notice that you’re being deceived in a relationship. She would avoid some important questions and give you excuses and all. Try to outsmart this cunning way.

5. If she tells you she is home and you found out she is not.

Many times you would find out that where she said she is, is not where she is. This could only mean one thing, deceit. Break out.

6. If she doesn’t get jealous seeing you with other girls. That is probably because she is doing the same thing. Any girl that loves and cherishes her man would get jealous or ask questions seeing her man with another girl.

7. When you find out too many lies in all she says.

Here is another sign that shows you’re being deceived in your relationship. When all you can see are lies. You are going to find it difficult to trust someone like that. Take a walk bro.

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