8 Things Your Woman Hates Most Than Even Cheating On Her(Opinion)

Avoid these things if you want to make your woman happy rather than annoying her,

1. When you don’t appreciate the new things she has done. Never side look her current hair style and even the clothes she has just bought. To make her feel nice notice something she does new and always express your feelings towards it.

2. Ignoring her the whole day such that you don’t even send a text or make a call just to know how she is fairing on. Even with your busy schedule, create some time to contact her.

3. Being addicted to your social media until you spent more time on your computer than you attend to her.

She may not tell you this, but indeed, it really hurts her silently.

4. Telling a lot of lies. If your woman finds out that you oftenly lie to protect yourself against evil things that you do, she will get pissed and you won’t see her smile again until you talk to her about it.

5. Introducing her like a friend. When you really love your women, you should be proud to ensure that other people see her like your wife. But when this is not the case, she will leave you for a serious guy.

6. Lack of motivation as she will consider you as an immature man when you fail to counsel, direct and encourage her in everything that she does. Equip with adequate tips about marriage life by watching movies or reading books and share the same with your soulmate.

7. Being dull by failing to make her laugh. She won’t enjoy the moment if you never create some fun and humourous stories.

8. Bragging about your wealth or the physical being won’t make her heart melt with love but instead, she will just see you as a confused person without important things to concentrate to.

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