8 Ways To Test If Your Wife Really Loves You Without Her Knowing

Sometimes it is healthy to test the love extent of your partner. Do not expect you wife to tell you that she doesn’t love you but just do these tests on her and you will be good to go.

1. Ask her to buy something to share.

When your woman really loves you, she will be willing to share with you what she has purchased. But in case where she remains reluctant to buy things such as plates, cups or even electronics to share with you, then you should be alerted.

2. Talk to her

As it is well known that communicating with your lover boost the relationship then it feels good when you talk to your wife. Women like taking and when you realize that she is too quite when you are around her and only gives you one word answer, then you should start worried that you are not loved.

3. Listen to her comments about you.

Be keen with how he gives remarks on what you do. When she is appreciating your success and console when you are challenge, just know that she really loves you and she is not regretting to be with you.

4. Try to hold her hand when walking

A woman who loves you will always like it when you hold her hand without considering if it is in the public or private place. She will hold back your hand too just to show you that she has really accepted you in her life. But if this is not the case, then my brother am here to tell you that your love will end soon.

5. Constantly check on her

This is one of the best test you can use to do this. This means texting her during the day when you are at work just to inform her how you are really missing her. Sometimes make short calls just to know how she is. If you are the only one checking on her and she does not get concern when you remain quiet, then you should really talk to her.

6. Abruptly check her phone

I don’t mean you become a dictator and always be checking in it but just do it once just to know if she really values you. Do this when she is not expecting it and when you find her texting love messages to another men, then just know you are not fully in her heart. When you find this don’t be too harsh but remain calm and talk to her.

7. Give her some money

Sacrifice for some cash and give her. Let her use it and come back to her after sometime. If she used it to buy things in the house, then she really values you more. But when she can’t explain how she used the money and noticed that she spent it with other friends, then it time to be questionable.

8. Come back in the house late

This should not be a routine but you do it once in a while. How does she behave when you haven’t arrived on the normal time? When calls you just to know what is delaying you, then she is the woman you should love most because she really cares for you.

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