Apart from Beauty, If A Lady Has These 3 Attributes, Men will Naturally Get Attracted to Her

Beauty can magnetize a man towards a woman but it takes a special quality to hold such a man for life. Men generally go beyond the allure of beauty to decide whether to settle for a woman or not.



As a lady, your beauty is not enough to open the door of relationship that will lead to a happy home. You need some qualities to attract the man of your dream and pin him down to yourself. If you are endowed with these three attributes, you are a lucky lady because you will remain a hotcake to responsible men.

1. Apart from beauty, men cherish a lady who is highly intelligent. A sound and smart lady is a complete package of blessing to her man. This attribute goes a long way to compliment man’s effort.

No responsible man treat an intelligent lady shabbily. They always accord them their respect. So as a lady, intelligence is key in attracting the right man.

2. Personal discpline is another quality that easily attract ladies to responsible men. Personal discpline has to do with what you set out to achieve in life. Ability to stand for what you believe in. Capacity to say something and stand by it. The principle to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Men are always on the look out for ladies that fall into this category. But unfortunately, they are not many. However, you can choose to stand out among the rest.

3. Another special quality that will easily get you attracted to the right man is self respect. When you have a self esteem, men will have no choice than to respect you.

Money or no money, when you choose not to depend on a man you are planning to marry for survival, you will earn your respect. When you choose to arm yourself with godly virtues, you will definitely be respected by a man no matter what.

All ladies should cultivate these habits for the sake of their marriage and unborn children.

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