As a lady Do not Be Quik To Tell A man These Things.

Men are intelligent people in the world to handle so ladies be careful on what you say to them they are judgemental.

Below is a list of things you should avoid telling a man by all means,

1.Don’t be quick to tell a man to be your husband or you love him.


This is especially when you are new in a relationship,these is because you haven’t known his real character and behavior .Be patient and study the man’s character until you know him fully ,then you are free and open to tell him you love him .


2.Quick to tell him your sources of income.


Don’t always assume or predict that a man is all yours and start telling about your riches.Telling him your sources of income could make him see you as the solution to his financial problems. Say it to him after he has paid dowry to you and both of you have taken vows.


3.Telling him about your past.

Men usually judge ladies with their last experience which you shared with him,mostly failed relationship.

Telling a man what was the course of your last failed relationship may end up a man not loving you at ,and he will start looking for excuses to avoid you by all means.

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