Avoid these 6 things that bring demons into your life

The article explains that demons are spirits who exist to assist their master, Lucifer, also known as “the Great Satan.” It refers to the Bible, stating that after Lucifer’s failed attempt to conquer heaven, he gathered all the demons to fight against God’s plan on earth.

The article reveals that demons require permission to enter a person’s life and warns against six methods through which demons can gain access. It emphasizes the importance of understanding spiritual matters and encourages Christians to fast and pray for spiritual discernment. The six methods mentioned are:

1. Engaging in fornication, which is defined as sexual intercourse outside of marriage. This allows demons to stimulate sexual desire and fantasies in individuals’ minds.

2. Involvement in spiritism, which seeks assistance from spirits for various purposes, such as blessing or cursing. This practice invites demons to enter and control one’s life.

3. Tobacco use and alcohol abuse, as demons can influence and control those who are dependent on these substances.

4. Parental disagreements and ancestral covenants that can grant demons access to one’s life through spiritual connections established by ancestors.

5. Possessing demonic objects in one’s house, as certain items may have connections to spirits and can bring demons into one’s home.

6. Engaging in pornography and consuming immoral materials, which are often associated with many demons.

The article concludes by encouraging readers to avoid these six methods to keep demons out of their lives. It also promotes the author’s social media accounts for further information and news.


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