Be A Real Man: If You Can’t Last 2minutes Or Watery Release, Try Bitter Kola, Watermelon Seed.

If you can’t endure more than two minutes, try Bitter Kola + Watermelon Seed.

It’s awful to think that Madam is still having a nice time while you’ve already done.

It’s worst if Johnny is standing there looking at Madam when she needs him like she’s an overripe banana.

The fact that you can develop some strong bone only to lose it in two minutes is even worse!

Madam might not tell you because she doesn’t want you to feel bad. But if you can surprise her once in a while, she’ll be really appreciative.

Look after your lady.

Take care of her. Make sure she is content.

Everyone needs to be with someone who can genuinely love and care for her.

Whether she betrays you consciously or unintentionally, don’t let her get away with it.

You won’t need to use drugs to get by if you heed the recommendations in this article. Handle it naturally once and for all.

Using the plant Bitter Kola in conjunction with other organic roots has advantages for males.

Bitter kola is one of those fruits that can be eaten raw while having a high nutritional content. It may be helpful if combined with other roots.

You will not be the same after two weeks if you drink watermelon every morning and evening and then chew on some bitter kola while fasting.

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