Benefits of drinking cucumber juice mixed with pineapple that will blow up your mind

Pineapple and cucumber juice isn’t always handiest delicious, however it’s additionally suitable for you, too!

Cucumbers and pineapples are each low in energy and an excellent supply of vitamins with a view to assist to maintain you wholesome:

Vitamin C (which enables to preserve a wholesome immune device and aids the absorption of iron).

Manganese (helps wholesome metabolism and has antioxidant homes which can be crucial in disorder prevention).

Vitamin K (guarantees that blood clots because it must and continues your bones wholesome).

Vitamin A (vital in lots of important capabilities withinside the body, like retaining your imaginative and prescient and making sure that organs like your heart, lungs, and kidneys paintings as they must).

If you want to paintings out, there’s a few proof to signify that pineapple may also assist to hurry your recuperation time.

Pineapple incorporates bromelain, which has anti inflammatory homes, so it enables your muscle tissues get better in the event that they have end up broken for the duration of strenuous exercise. Plus, cucumber is surprisingly hydrating, which is ideal information in case you’ve simply were given a sweat on!

This juice is likewise remarkable on your digestion. It’s an excellent supply of fiber, which guarantees that your digestive device capabilities because it must. And the bromelain withinside the pineapple is an enzyme that enables damage down proteins, specifically the ones located in meats, making them simpler to digest.


To make this selfmade juice recipe, you may need:

A clean pineapple (please see notes beneath on a way to reduce pineapple in

case you aren’t sure).

A cucumber.

A knob of clean ginger.

Sugar, to sweeten.


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