Benefits of Going Braless As A Woman

There have been increased sensitization on cases of breast cancer among women and this has in turn most leads to the subject of women not meeting to put on bra most times.

With many people still of the opinions that the clothing covering is compulsory for all women, there are some benefits attached to women not wearing bra:


Improved breast skin condition

Wearing a bra for most hours of the day can clog pores and thereby cause skin irritation, especially beneath the breasts where sweats are constantly pressed against the skin. Even though this irritation is more common in women with larger breasts, you may have experienced it if you’ve ever worn your sports bra a little too long after working out.

If you don’t wear a bra, your skin can be free more and be free of any potential irritants that can cause your skin openings to clog.

Increased blood circulation

Wearing a bra for extended lengths of time can seem constrictive, suffocating, and downright painful.

Improved Breast Structure and Muscular Tone

One of the main reasons why many women are putting on their bras most times is that they will sag without the additional support that a bra provides.

This is completely not scientifically true, as the case of sagging most times depend on age, heredity, etc.

Gradual Feeling of Comfort

Many women are so accustomed to wearing a bra that when they go braless for the first time, they feel completely exposed.

For example, a lady that has been used to putting on real bras most times.

Once it is put off occasionally, there will be feelings of comfort which make her to wanting to put on again.

Not wearing a bra can strengthen breasts

According to Health line, it was found that women’s breasts got stronger when they weren’t wearing bras.


Results of putting on a bra over time showed that more muscle tissue formed to serve as a built-in support system. The pectoral muscles of the body are required to lift the breast tissue against gravity, according to Dr. Seshandri.

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