Can Overworking affect your Sexual Health and Intimate Life?; Here’s all you Should Know

Having a hectic routine at work directly affects the quality of life of all men, but also harms male s3xual health. When we accumulate many tasks it is natural that there is an increase in problems such as stress, anxiety and even depression, which directly affect s3xual health. Our mind has a great influence on the way the body behaves and this is no different in s3xual life. According to experts atΒ VeryWellMind.

The main psychological factors that affect male s3xual desire are stress, anxiety and depression, which can often be caused by overwork.

Stress increases blood flow and heart rate, which causes other non-priority functions to decrease, such as s3x, for example. When this stress becomes chronic, cortisol levels become higher and, consequently, the production of testosterone, the main male hormone, decreases. Being stressed leads to fatigue and demotivation, which can also interfere with the willingness to have a s3xual relationship.

Depending on the intensity, anxiety hinders any human performance. People who are very anxious tend to have problems with weight, higher blood pressure, alterations in body glucose levels or even difficulty in concentrating and relating to someone. Excessive anxiety can cause premature ejaculation and loss of erection, due to a concern with performance.

Depression and discouragement can also affect male s3xual health. These conditions can hinder the manifestation of s3xual desire, which causes diagnosed men to have problems with relationships and with their own libido.

For problems caused by psychological factors, the diagnosis is made during a consultation with the specialist physician, through an extensive conversation and painless exams. The analysis of the results, the complaints and the frequency of the events will determine the best treatment for the patient, which can be done in two ways: psychotherapy and the use of antidepressants, in order to help lower the level of anxiety and learn to control the ejaculatory response.

Therefore, effort and dedication to work are important, but at the same time, you should respect your own limits so that you are not overloaded and emotionally exhausted. When you notice signs or symptoms that may be related to overwork, it is essential that you seek a health professional. When diagnosed and treated properly, they return quality of life not only to the man, but also to the couple, so do not be intimidated if you are facing some events of lack of erection, erectile dysfunction, s3xual impotence or lack of libido.

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