Categories Of Guys You Should Never Date As A Lady

Some ladies have unconsciously been in a relationship for a long time before understanding they are wasting their time and that the man does not have any intention of marriage. Many of these ladies ended up in the wrong marriage or not married at all after wasting their time with the wrong people because they were ignorant. As a lady, it is advisable to pay attention to certain details in a relationship to determine whether or not you’re on the right track.

In today’s article, I will highlight signs you should look out for in your relationship if you don’t want to waste your time.

1. Do not waste your time dating a man who always uses you as his punching bag whenever he is angry. Most women make the mistake of still staying with these types of men, believing that they will change, thereby risking their lives.

2. A man who doesn’t consider your dreams or believe in you, you’re wasting your time. Any man who tells you to abandon your dream to assist him in his business venture without considering your dreams in life does not value you. If he values you, he will help you achieve your goals in the same way that he wishes for himself.

3. A guy who constantly brags about his father’s wealth and uses it as a source of income shows you’re in a wrong relationship. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a wealthy man’s child. Reasons, why you should avoid men in this category, is because a point will come where their father will become tired of him and expect him to go out and earn money on his own, and things might become difficult for him.

4. Stop wasting your time with a guy who believes in getting everything right before getting married. Some people believe that before getting married, they should have a great car, a personal home, a good job, and secure life. Most people with this level of imagination and foresight end up with nothing unless they put in a lot of effort during the process. All of the above-mentioned do not guarantee a happy home. It all comes down to being creative and foresighted while also having the energy to do so in everyday life. If he isn’t constantly willing to change his dominant reality, it would be wise not to squander your time with him, as it may take him too long to think about marriage.

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