Common sex injuries and how to avoid them

Even while intercouse is meant to be pleasurable, it’s possible to injure yourself with just a few improper moves. If you play too rough or too rapidly, you could end up with a rug burn or even a penile fracture. Avoid these and other frequent intercouse injuries by taking it easy and knowing your limits.

WebMD offers the following advice for avoiding common intimate injuries.

Muscle strain

According to healthline Muscle strains are common during intense personal activities and prolonged holding of an uncomfortable position. Try to avoid muscle strain by keeping your personal postures varied and by being aware of your physical limitations. Stretch your muscles before and after engaging in sexual activity to avoid soreness the next day.

The friction causes the burns.

Excessive rubbing on the skin causes friction burns, which result in the loss of the skin’s outermost layer. Intimacy, masturbation, and other intimate behaviours can all bring on these sensations. Apply some lubricant before getting intimate to prevent painful friction burns. Lubricants that are water-based are preferred since they produce less irritation.

Shedding of the vàginal lining

Intimacy-related vàginal tears are possible. Lack of lubrication or tension in the vàginal muscles can contribute to these issues. Vàginal tears can be prevented by using lots of lubrication, discussing comfort levels with your partner, and letting your vàginal muscles relax.

Cracks in the erèction

Any break in the penile tissue is considered a fracture. Intense physical contact can create this condition. Use lubrication, take your time, and consider your partner’s comfort level to reduce the risk of a penile fracture. If you injure your penile, you should consult a doctor right away.

Anyone can suffer an intimate injury, but it’s possible to be safe. Prioritise your own safety and comfort at all times, and don’t be hesitant to tell your partner what does and does not feel good during intimate moments.

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