Countries Where The Use Of Weed (Marijuana) Is Legal.

Marijuana, commonly known as weed in Nigeria, is a type of drug which is made from dried leaves of a hemp plant known as cannabis, which is usually smoked. However, considering that marijuana is a type of hard drug, it is banned in most countries of the world, but there are countries where the use of marijuana is legal.

Photo Credit: WNCT

According to, below is a list of countries where the use of marijuana is legal, and how they are used in some of these countries.

1.) Netherlands: Surprisingly, the use of marijuana is legal in this calm European country, and it is often available in coffee shops where some people smoke it and other add it to their coffee to drink.

2.) Canada: In this American country, anyone who is up to 18 years can possess marijuana but in a limited-quantity (often 30 grams). In Canada, people also plant marijuana in their homes and one can even purchase it from licensed retailers.

3.) Uruguay: This South American country is also one of the few places in the world where the use of marijuana is legalized, and it is meant for recreational use for people up to 18 years.

4.) South Africa: Surprisingly, this African country also features on this list, as in South Africa one can grow and use marijuana in private, but it is prohibited to buy or sell it.

5.) Jamaica: This American country is also one of those countries where the use of marijuana is legal, although solely for medicinal and religious purposes, and Rastafarians are also allowed to have marijuana on them without restrictions.

6.) Costa Rica: Smoking of marijuana is common in this country, although it is not absolutely legal to do so. However, while you may not be punished for lighting up weed in public, you can still get punished if you are caught selling it.

7.) Colombia: Unsurprisingly, this country is very well-known for legalizing the use of marijuana in the country as anyone above the age of 18 can possess up to 20 grams of marijuana. However, while it is illegal to sell it, it is very much legal to grow it for personal use.

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