Dear Men, Here 4 Advantages Of Marrying A Female Soldier, Especially Number 2

If you have a crush on a female soldier, don’t be afraid to approach her; who knows, she might like you back. If she is not interested, she’ll tell you. Do not be afraid to approach her.  She is merely a soldier. She will not kill you. Female soldiers are not venomous.

Here are four benefits of marrying a female soldier.

1. Safety or protection.

You have little reason to be concerned about insecurity as the husband of a soldier. Nobody wants to attack you if they know you have a soldier for a wife. Your soldier wife will be there to fight for you no matter what happens. She can also make calls when needed.

2. You will always be respected.

A civilian who marries a soldier will be respected in his community. Even if your wife’s military rank is not high, no-nonsense will come your way regardless of your pocket.

3. Self-control.

Soldiers are highly disciplined due to the level of training they receive. They are devoted to their husbands. Forget about all the punishments they hand out to civilians who offend them; their hearts aren’t that cold. They are only employed by the government.

4. Peace of mind.

If your wife is a soldier, you will be spared the heartbreak that comes with infidelity. Soldiers don’t have time to be dishonest. This is because they are always on call or order. They will want to spend their limited time with their family.

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