Dear Men, If You Notice These Things In Your Woman, She Is Not A Woman You Can Marry

Women make things lively for a man. They are very important in Man’s life and at the same time, they are very dangerous to Man. They make things difficult for Man if they wish. If a Man just turns old suddenly, it might be the frustration from his woman. Therefore, Man should try as much as Possible to marry a woman that will always give him Peace. Woman should be a source of happiness for a Man and not source of trouble for her Man.

Woman should always compliment a Man in any relationship or marriage. If a woman can’t compliment a Man then the Man is in serious danger then the Man should leave such Woman and move on with his life. A relationship that Love can’t be shared, doesn’t what dieing for, in that wise, if you as a Man notice some strange things in your Woman and you haven’t marring to her, the Best thing for such Man is to quit the relationship and never marry such woman.

Imagine a relationship where a Man is trying to make everything works so as to make the life simple for both Partners but the woman doesn’t help matters then the marriage doesn’t what dieing for, and the man should stay off the marriage. The love should be shared in marriage and not to enslave anyone, either Husband or wife. The relationship should be of mutual benefit to both Parties before Marriage.

The relationship that could lead to marriage should benefits both Parties, any relationship that could not be beneficial to the two Partners is not a good marriage. The two Partners should not engage in such marriage. Though, Any Relationship that could lead to marriage will face some challenges but the challenges should not be too much, most especially from a Woman’s side to Man’s side. If that is happening before Marriage then, the Man should stay away from such relationship, before it could lead to marriage.

Dear Men, If You Notice These Three Things In Your Woman, She Is Not Woman You Can Marry.

As as a Man, if you are dating a woman and you noticed these three things in your woman you are dating, then such woman is not meant for you to marry. This article shall reveal to us some of the things that a Man should not manage in Woman when it comes to relationship that may likely lead to Marriage.

1. Laziness

If you are dating a Woman that is Lazy, As a responsible Man you should stay away from dating such woman, otherwise you may regret marrying such woman in Life, if such relationship lead to Marriage. Marrying a woman that is lazy will not compliment Man’s efforts. Life is all about give and take. Don’t make the mistakes of marrying a Lazy woman. Marrying Lazy woman hinders the growth of a Man. As a responsible Man, If you notice that your woman is Lazy by the you are dating her, Pls don’t Marry such woman.

2. Lies

If you noticed that your woman tell lies in relationship, pls stay away from that relationship, Any woman that tell lies will never be a good Mother to your children. She won’t be able to raise your children very well. Such woman will give you Problem in the nearest future. Therefore, if as a Man, you discover that your Girlfriend or fiance tell lies in relationship, My Brother, Don’t Marry such woman, because she can’t be a good Mother to your children when you marry her.

3. Dirtiness

If your woman is dirty, Pls don’t let the relationship lead to Marriage. Dirty woman frustrate a Man. Therefore, If you noticed that your woman is a dirty type by the time you are dating her, pls stay away from such woman and Never let such relationship lead to Marriage. If a Man end up in marrying a dirty woman then the Man won’t enjoy such woman. Such Man will not feel free to bring his friends to his house because of his dirty wife.

If A Man noticed all these three things in his woman, it is better for a woman to stay off the relationship before it leads to Marriage. Marriage is a Life contract and it should not be managed. Therefore, as a responsible Man, you need to open eyes before marrying a woman. Your candid Opinions is highly welcomed. Kindly Like, Share and Comment reasonably

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