Dear Men, You Can Satisfy Any Woman By Simply Doing These Things. [OPINION]

Dear Men, Simply putting in the effort to do these things will make any woman happy.

This guide is aimed at all the males out there who want to make a lady happy but have no idea how to get started. Many guys have the misconception that figuring out how to make a lady happy is an extremely difficult and involved process. In point of fact, it is not. It’s not as complicated as you would think it is.

1. Do some chores for her without being asked:

Do some housework for her if she’s been having a tough day or week. Do her laundry, clean the floor with a broom and mop, and even make her bed for her. Do the things you know she detests doing, but do them nonetheless even if she doesn’t ask you to.

2. Bring her something sweet home:

If you have some extra time and money on you, you should pull over somewhere and get her a small candy bar or another type of delicious treat that she really enjoys.

Although it is quite modest and uncomplicated, it has the potential to bring her more joy than you realize. This is due to the fact that she is aware that you were thinking about her even while she was not physically present.

3. Put an emphasis on making her happy in general:

When you’re in bed together, you should make the orgasms and enjoyment of your wife your first priority. Educate yourself on the topic of female orgasms in general as well as how to induce one in a woman by devoting some time to research in this area. After a passionate night in bed together, you should check that she is content and pleased.

4. Be caring and supportive:

It’s possible that the bad boy is appealing to certain women, but what we really want is a good man. We yearn to be loved, cared for, and appreciated in this life. If you wash the dishes for us, prepare meals for us, give us money, take us out, and contribute to our financial well-being, we will be grateful. Do it because you care about our well-being and want to show your support for us.

5. Consider combining bank accounts:

Is there one person in your marriage who tries to “take charge” of all matters pertaining to money, or do you both share this responsibility? If this is the case, you should consider making a modification to this aspect of your lives. Because she is your wife and a significant part of your life, you should either open a joint account with her or give her access to your bank account.


6. Serve Breakfast in Bed to Her:


I am aware that this may sound hokey or trite, but if you feed her, she will think that you are the best person in the world! Women crave attention and service, but they rarely receive it. Think about the dozens upon dozens of meals she’s prepared for you over the years. No matter what you create for her, she will be overjoyed that you took the time to do anything for her.


In addition to that, encourage your partner to do the same thing. Marriages have a tendency to be easier and happier when both people are more rested and have had a chance to recharge their batteries.



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