Do You Eat the Head of Fish? See What It Does to Your Brain

Most of us have grown to hear “You are what you eat” from the nutritionists and with no doubt they are right, cos, if you eat unhealthy your health, deteriorates therefore always choose if you want to live healthy or unhealthy.

In this article, I’ll draw your attention to fish as our delicacy but not the whole fish, but

only it’s head. If you have always wondered why most people take the head of a fish then you will get your answers, this is cos it is undoubtedly one of the most nutritious parts of a fish.

The head of a fish has some essential nutrients that mostly help nourish our body and also give the required nutrients to the brain, the main nutrient it has is Omega-3 acid which is very important for brain development, this acid is very essential because the brain needs it to facilitate your heartbeat.

The more intake you take off the head the more you are improving your health and your brain activity, something else is that it also contains vitamin A which is very important to improving your eyesight, and avoiding some related eye problems.

So next time you are eating the head of a fish always remember its amazing benefits to your brain and don’t forget to share and like the article so most of us can learn and understand the benefits of eating the head of a fish.

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