Do You Know Why Banks Don’t Play Music?-Apostle Suleman Reveals To Members

Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, has posted a video message to the public on Facebook.

Reportedly during his sermon, the cleric said, “I want to quickly comment on this today that you should avoid impoverished people. If a person has weak principles and beliefs, even if he has plenty of money, you should still stay away from them. He continued, “There are those who have money but are poor in character. There are wealthy folks who are nonetheless malicious. Please do not interact with them.

When pressed for more detail, he added, “When you are poor but have understanding, it is reasonable.” But your wickedness is exposed when you are impoverished. People with nothing to lose shouldn’t be hanging around you, so take my advice. For the simple reason that they can make you lose whatever they can. That’s why I usually tell my single female friends to avoid getting involved with any guy they can’t report. If the man in question doesn’t respect religious leaders or the woman’s family.

He continued, saying, “Money has its quirks. Noise and pleasure are enemies of wealth. That’s why a bank can’t have background music playing. Money doesn’t respond well to tension, and that’s why. This is a message to remind you that money will come to you when you relax. However, the other disadvantages will arise when you are not.

Click Here to Watch the Facebook Video.

YouTube videos, from the beginning, sped up on Facebook.

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