“Fasting And Praying In Tongues Is A Waste Of Time, If You Don’t Do This” – Apostle Joshua Selman

The founder of the koinonia ministry, Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed one thing that can make fasting and praying in Tongues a waste of time.During one of his sermons in his church, he said made it known that if anyone prays with bitterness and envy in his heart, and the prayer is not driven by the love of God, then, fasting and praying in Tongues is just a mere waste of time and energy.

” Anything at all that you want to do, God is going to scan through you first, to find out if the love of God is the motivation and bed rock of the purpose to which you want that thing done. If you pray because you are envious of someone, probably the person has a car and you don’t, and you compare yourself with the person and pray with envy in your heart, rather than love, your prayer is a waste. Similarly, if you become a pastor in the house of God, because you heard that people sow seeds in the lives of ministers of God and bless them with material things, you will never find God that way because all your prayers will be in vain.” He said

He went ahead to say that the spirit of bitterness, envy and competition is worse than fornication and adultery. It is easier to identify a person who fornicates and commits adultery than to know a person who has bitterness and envy in his heart. When we pray as children of God, we should pray with love in our hearts, not bitterness and envy. It we pray with a bitter heart, our prayers will just be a waste.

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