Foods That Slowly Damage The Eyes If Consumed Regularly

Do you know that there are certain foods that can slowly damage the eyes? If you are the type of person who often eats anything that gets to you, then you may have to retrace these steps and face your health squarely. Reason being that whatever we eat one way or another affect the body and eyes as well.

So in this article in line with a publication on WebMD, we are going to have a look at some foods that can slowly damage the eyes if consumed too often or regularly. These foods are not generally harmful to the body but they may cause some complications that will metamorphose to eye issues.

What Are The Foods That Slowly Damage The Eyes If Consumed Regularly?

1. Alcohol; this is one of the things that can slowly damage the eyes if taken excessively. Reason being that when you drink alcohol too much, it can lead to several issues in the body of which eye diseases such as cataracts are also included. So the more you take alcohol, the more you raise your risk of cataracts at a younger age.

2. Caffeine; coffee intake or consuming anything that contains caffeine to a huge extent should be done in moderation. Reason being that caffeine when take too often can raise intraocular pressure which can lead to blindness or eye disturbances in the long run. People Suffering from glaucoma also have intraocular pressure that is very high, so taking caffeine so much can be counterproductive and dangerous to the eyes.

3. White Bread; researchers have found a link between intake of simple carbs with a higher risk or age related macular degeneration. So you should be careful with the way you eat white bread, the eyes are not to be played with if you really care about your health.

4. Ready-made foods should also not be consumed too often because they usually contain sodium. This sodium can cause high blood pressure and even in the eyes cause Hypertensive retinopathy, blood vessel damage that can harm the vision. So these things should be consumed with carefulness and not just as the mouth wants or desires; remember that the body is what we eat.

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