For Men: 2 Positive Effects of Drinking a Glass of Water Immediately After Sex


There are a few healthy things every man should do immediately after intimacy, to help the body and keep the private organ healthy.

Some of those healthy things a man should do immediately after lovemaking includes, washing hands, drinking a glass of water, and even emptying the bladder, as sourced from WebMD.

It is very essential that a man drinks a glass of water immediately after lovemaking because it benefits the body in various ways, which are listed below.

1. One of the positive effects of drinking water immediately after lovemaking is that it helps offer more strength to the man and as well keeps the whole system hydrated because the body needs to remain hydrated always so that the body organs can keep functioning well.

2. Secondly, when a man consumes water after intimacy, it helps him to pee more, so as push out certain bacteria he might have contracted during the intimacy period.

Conclusion: A man should drink water after lovemaking to help the body stay hydrated and offer strength, and to also help the man pee so he can flush off certain bacteria gotten during intimacy.


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    Yeah correct, what I notice is after lovemaking and then a glass of water,you will feel asleep. 7 to 10 min you will immediately wake up and feel very strong like you sleep all night 🌙😴

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