Forbidden Things That God Hates But We Still Do Them Either Knowingly Or Unknowingly (Opinion)

Things that We Still Do, Whether We Know It Or Not, That God forbids and That He Detests

Man is the most notable creature that God created when he first created the universe. After Adam and Eve rebelled against him, God was furious, and as a result, he punished humanity by bringing about death and made us labor for our food. In this case, sin entered the earth and retributive measures were established so that man might accept God’s laws and be qualified for eternal life.

We might infer from the ten commandments what God abhors and what he loves.

God will hate us if we continue to practice these seven sins. According to the Bible, God despises these things because they contradict his current position. With numerous symbolic meanings in the Bible, seven is a perfect number. It is clear as this is where the seven demons are located and each of them has a distinct literal meaning in the same Bible.

Examples are plenty, therefore today I’ll mention the seven sins that God forbids but that we nonetheless commit:

Twisting hair and wearing accessories

According to 1 Timothy 2:9, women are not allowed to style their hair or wear ornate apparel.

Additionally, women should present themselves well by donning well-styled clothing. Everybody knows that women are frail beings. We might be tempted by them as a result of them. In other words, if a lady dresses recklessly, she might annoy those around her. Consequently, ladies should simply dress appropriately to abide with God’s Biblical commandments.

2. Checking the Posterior of a Female

The verse that specifically targets men, Matthew 5:28, states, “Yet I assure you that a man who appears only to want a young lady has committed infidelity with her in his heart.” In order to manage his emotions if a man can’t control them, he must spend time alone with God and pray fervently.

3. For women, pastoral care

In places of worship all around the world, this method starts to be applied most frequently. Furthermore, women preside over most churches and run them. Women are obligated to maintain silence in places of worship, according to 1 Corinthians 14:34. Since they are incapable of speaking, they should be kept in captivity for as long as it’s permitted by law.

4. Beard and Shave Maintenance:

Trimming your beard’s corners or the hair on your sides of your head is prohibited, according to “Leviticus 19:27.” It’s definitely done, even with our religious leaders! So what are they teaching their followers? It is not the Old Testament, despite their continued insistence that it is. The same individuals who wrote the old testament also wrote the new.

5. the practice of eating more than is necessary

Most people eat more than they need without recognizing it, as Proverbs 23:2 advises: “Put a blade to your neck, if you are a heavy eater.” Depending on our individual health, we need to eat the foods that are best for us. Making this choice will delight God in the same way.

6. Giving your neighbor a bad rap:

Because doing so would be mocking God’s image, it is inappropriate to encourage your neighbor. If you love your neighbor, you should put your neighbor’s needs ahead of your own since they are the first people you think of when you think of God. Leviticus 19:16 says, “You shall not put your neighbor’s life in risk, nor even to think of putting it in danger.”

7. Possessing tattoos

This kind of thing happens to famous people all the time. Totally unaware of the fact that they are breaking the law, they have tattoos all over their bodies. I say, “I am Yahweh. The commandment in Leviticus 19:28 is: ‘Avoid cleaving your dead bodies or tattooing your skin.

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