Having Sex In Swimming Pools Dangerous, Can Cause Infections, Pregnancies – Experts Warns

A Nigerian popular professor of health (Tanimola Akande), has cautioned Nigerians against having “sex” in swimming pools, warning that it is dangerous to health, PUNCH reports.

According to PUNCH, Prof Tanimola Akande disclosed that having sex underwater can increase the risk of “Sexually Transmitted Infection, vaginal irritations, and Urinary Tract Infection”. Prof Tanimola Akande repeatedly warned females, said that swimming with males can easily lead to unintentional pregnancies if the males accidentally ejaculate in the swimming pool.

The professor of health made this known in an exclusive interview with PUNCH HealthWise, said that having sex in swimming pool gives more pleasure to the both partners, but it can increase the risk of drowning if the two partners are not good at swimming.

Prof Tanimola Akande also explained that the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infection and others, are particularly higher with those that engage in public swimming pools.

According to PUNCH, in an another article by HealthWise, an obstetrician and gynaecologist (Jackie Walters), said that water reduces effectiveness of “condom”, that external latex “condoms” can easily slip when used in the water, which can easily pave ways for infections.

Credit: PUNCH

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