Here Are 3 Causes Of Watery Sperm/Semen In Men, And How It Affects Overall Health

Semen is a combination of fluids and sperms generated by the male reproductive system. Generally, semen is a thick, viscous whitish liquid. Certain body conditions can change the colour, smell, consistency of the semen and it can look more watery.  Watery semen can be due to temporary conditions in a healthy and fertile man but if the semen is watery every time, that leads to infertility and you must see your sexologist as soon as possible.

In this article, base on facts and findings on Mayoclinic, we’ll be talking about causes of watery semen and how it affects men health.


Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices like smoking, stress, consuming a lot of carbonated drinks and lack of exercise can affect the quality of your semen.


Various s*xually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea or HIV, can impede healthy sperm and semen production or cause scarring that could block the passage of sperm. Infections that cause inflammation of the epididymis (epididymitis) or testicles (orchitis), can also impact sperm count, and semen quality.

Zinc deficiency

A zinc deficiency is not good for a man s*xual health. Certain antibodies fight and reduce sperm cells and semen quality when the body lacks zinc. To prevent this, taking zinc supplements help resist these anti-sperm antibodies.

How watery semen/sperm affect overall health

Watery semen is often temporary and may resolve on its own. Persistent watery semen can sometimes indicate a low sperm count or another condition that may affect fertility. Having a low sperm count does not necessarily mean that a person is infertile, but it can make it more difficult to conceive.

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