Here Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat ‘Ginger’ By Mouth

Ginger has many benefits to a human body especially when they are taken raw. It has its own health importance as it does a variety of function to our bodies. Majorly it protect our bodies against diseases since it contains antioxidants compound that prevents stress and damages to your bodies DNA. This helps in fighting chronic diseases like high blood pressure.

In pregnant mothers Ginger helps in easing a queasy stomach. It works by breaking up and getting rid of the build up gases that has been formed in the stomach and small intestines. It also helps in settling nausea caused by chemotherapy. This can reduce the level at which a pregnant mother might vomit. But it’s not that effective compared to the drugs for nausea.

Also taking Ginger by mouth during the first to four days of menstrual cycle somewhat reduces painful cramps. It is also believed that taking Ginger along other medicine like mefenamic acid also seems to be helpful. The research has shown that most women who take ginger reduces the pain that those who doesn’t take.

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