How Long Does Intercourse Last On An Average?

there is no set time for how long intimacy should last. It can differ greatly, it relies on preference and a range of other factors, like what a person considers intimacy to be.

People define intercourse differently. One person might only consider it to be penetrative intercourse, while another might consider intercourse to start with the action that takes place at the beginning of the intimacy encounter and last beyond each partner’s intimacy climax.

There are very few published studies into how long intercourse normally lasts. The studies that exist have significant limitations most, for instance, considered intimacy only to be male-female organ intercourse.

According to a therapist:

• Intercourse that lasts under three minutes warrants clinical concern.

• Intercourse that lasts for three to seven minutes is adequate.

• While intimacy that lasts for seven to thirteen minutes is desirable.

• Intercourse that lasts up to 10 to 30 minutes is too long.

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