How to make a lady think of you every day of her life.

How to make a lady think of you everyday of her life.

Here are the tips to make a lady think of you everyday of her life.

1. Make sure you give her full attention, even though you are tried of what she says, try to give her your total attention.

2. Always make her laugh, let her feel love, say funny things, don’t be a boring guy with a bone face, try to make her laugh.

3. Play around with her by playing rough play, chase her around.

4. Try to call or contact her and ask her about her days, not like “Hello, How are you?, I just call to greet you,” repeating it every time, No!!!, Change your topic, like What’s going on over there?, can we have some dinner and so on.

5. Ask her about her problems, what she’s facing, about all are challenges, give her some hint on how to resolve it.

6. Praise her, by saying, you are gorgeous, you are a beautiful lady, I like the way you smile. Make her feel loved.

With all this, even without tell her you love her, she will fall in love with you. Dream of you every time, everyday of her life. Try to follow it and thank me later.

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