How To Use Plantain Leaves To Manage These 3 Medical Problems

Plantain Leaves are readily available all over Nigeria. Many people eat both ripe and unripe Plantain but information about the benefits of its leaves is still far-fetched. As a result, this article was written specifically to enlighten the public on how to use Plantain Leaves to manage 3 medical problems that are disclosed below.

According to a publication by, Plantain Leaves have unique medicinal values which can be obtained when used properly. Right from ancient times, they have been in use against numerous medical conditions. However, Plantain Leaves come in different varieties, and what you benefit from depends on the variety you use. Horn Plantain is the major variant found in Nigeria.

Below are the 3 Medical Problems You Can manage with Plantain Leaves:

1. Inflammatory diseases

In today’s world where most older people in our society battle different inflammatory diseases, Plantain Leaves can help in big ways. They have been shown to contain numerous anti-inflammatory compounds such as tannins, glycosides, terpenoids, and flavonoids which help to alleviate conditions such as joint pains, arthritis, and other forms of pain that usually affect older people.

2. Treatment of wounds

When Plantain leaf extract is applied topically, it promotes wound healing by decreasing inflammation, preventing infection, and also helps to relieve it. Plantain Leaves have been in use since the olden days for faster recovery from any form of skin wound. A study also confirmed its efficacy in the treatment of foot ulcers.

3. Treatment of digestive problems, especially diarrhea

Plantain Leaves Contain a special compound called psyllium. This substance absorbs water as it moves through the entire gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is used as a powerful remedy for fast recovery from diarrhea. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Plantain Leaves, it also helps to relieve mild to severe stomach pain.

How to use Plantain Leaves

Fresh Plantain Leaves are usually washed and included in different dishes. Some people prefer to wash and chew it raw. Some prefer to boil the leaves in a measured quantity of water to make tea. Although all these methods work effectively, it depends on your preference. For treatment of wound injury, fresh Plantain Leaves are used dried under the sun and ground into powder. A little drop of water is then added to the powder to make a smoothie. Adding the powder to the oil, and applying it to the injury is also effective.

Remember, if you’re currently undergoing any medical treatment, notify your doctor before using Plantain leaves. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

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