I Was Raped And Dehumanized – France based Nigerian Narrates Her Experience

According to Vanguard Newspaper, a France based Nigerian, Ms. Ehi Nosakhale Ese, from Ebelle in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State has alleged that she has been traumatized, dehumanized, and now being forced to live on the streets of Nice, in France.

According to the the Ese, her problem started when she refused the sexual advances of her employer, who she claimed to be identified as Mr. Primon.

Ese also alleged that her refusal to accept her employer’s sexual demand led to her sack without being paid.

Furthermore, she claimed she approached the courts and won, then her employer was ordered to pay her entitlements but he swore she would not live to spend the money, so he allegedly used every means to frustrate her including using the police.

She also narrated that she traveled to Italy in the early 90s, on discovering the reality when she got there, she decided to get married and subsequently commence the educational advancement instead of going into prostitution.

Furthermore, Ese claimed she went to France as Erasmus student after studying in Italy, on arrival she was told to implicate Nigerians by translating what Nigerians are saying on phone to them since she is a language translator but she refused.

According to Vanguard newspaper, Ese narrated he was arrested again by the police and was subsequently raped.

She said the rape made her go through an operation in a hospital, adding that she find it difficult to sit on a chair.

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