If Any Man Scratches Your Palm During Handshake, See What He Wants

What does it indicate when a man shakes your hand and uses his middle finger to scrape your palm? It indicates that he is attracted to you and would prefer to have sex without first engaging in all the customary rituals and social niceties. Although occasionally done by women as well, this is primarily a male behavior.

The Handshake Types And How To Handle Them

Corporate executives frequently use various handshakes. While the majority of us are familiar with the infamous “wet fish” welcome, there are other unpleasant handshakes to anticipate.

Making the correct impression is essential if you want to stand out in the throng in the fiercely competitive corporate world. The handshake serves as the opening act.

According to business expert Penny Edge, creator of the Finishing Academy UK consultancy, there are several different handshakes, and she lists them here along with advice on how to handle t


1. Power Shake

When you sense the power tremor approaching, step in with your left foot to prevent it. This will intrude on the privacy of the other person and throw them off balance.

2. Board Room Shake

The individual gives a firm handshake while holding the other hand firmly against the forearm. Typically, a managing director tries to demonstrate control.

3. Bone Crusher Shake

While this grasp might be acceptable amongst two alpha males, it is typically excessively strong and lasts for too long.

4. Wet Fish Shake

The limp lettuce handshake is what is used for this. If you’re the one shaking hands, alter this handshake and provide two firm shakes to take charge.

5. Confident Shake

A solid hold with two shakes and eye contact is how this is defined.

6. Empathetic Shake

This style of handshake involves a brief, three to four second brush of the left hand along the forearm. With this style of handshake, there is an 80% likelihood of getting along with the other person.

A word of caution, though: prolonged touching violates the personal space of the recipient after five seconds.

7. Patronising Shake

When shaking hands, avoid grabbing the other person’s wrist.

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