If You Notice A Woman Doing The Following Things, She is Just Using You

There are signs a woman is just using you.If you notice any of the signs below, Kno that a woman is just using you.Here are signs a woman is just using you.

1.She constantly asks for space.She wants you to give her free time she do her things alone without you.She does not involve you in her plans or require your assistance.

2. Behaves like a friend.She takes you as a usually friend not as her partner. This shows that she is just using you. She does not want to talk about relationship with her.

3. Her friends don’t know you.She does not want to introduce you to her friends and family members to know you that she is your girlfriend.

4. She does not want to visit you in your house when you invite her.She does not want to come where you live when you have invited her.She does not want to know about your background.

5. Her friends are using you.Here friends are too using you as she is also doing.Her friends also does not want to support your relationship.

6.She will cancel her plans to hang out with you.She does not agree with your plans that you make with her and also she does not want to go out with you.

7.There is no emotional connection between you two.No emotional connection between your relationship. She takes you as a normal person.

8.She comes to you only when she needs help.She is only interested with you when she wants help from you. She does not want to take care about you.

9.She does not even get angry when you are talking to other women because she is just using you and not interested with you.

10.She does not want to spend her time together with you to keep you in company.She keeps herself busy with useless reasons.

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