If you notice these 10 things in your dream, know that God is speaking with you

Some people think that God speaks to people via their dreams, and dreams can be significant in spiritual and personal experiences. The Bible’s Job 33:14–15 claims that God frequently communicates with us through dreams. However, it’s crucial to determine whether a dream is inspired by God or another force, like Satan. Here are some indicators that a dream may be from God:

1. Consistency with God’s promises: Because God sustains the significance of His word, His disclosures in dreams won’t conflict with what is written in the Bible. Understanding God’s message is made feasible by relating the dream to the Bible.

2. Enlightenment rather than terror: Dreams from God tend to inspire rather than instill dread or anxiety. They might offer correction, but the Holy Spirit brings comfort and assurance.

3. Important counsel and warnings: God’s dreams may include crucial information or cautions that assist people in navigating their lives. Dreams can serve as reminders for us to be alert and spare ourselves needless anguish.

4. Guidance and direction: Dreams from God can offer clear instructions that people can use to make decisions and minimize dangers. The Bible’s account of Joseph exemplifies how God led Joseph during trying times by using dreams.

5. Lack of exhaustion: God-given dreams do not sap one’s energy. Instead, when their objective is accomplished, they inspire and depart with a sense of security.

6. A feeling of extraterrestrial excitement: God-given dreams have the power to stir and arouse a person’s existence as if they were from another universe. A dream that resulted in a profound shift is Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28 of a ladder leading to heaven.

7. Confidence and faith: Because they disclose God’s goals and plans, dreams from God inspire confidence and allay fear. They offer reassurance that God’s purposes are for advancement rather than destruction.

8. Inspiration to act: Dreams from God frequently motivate people to act to safeguard others and carry out God’s plans. Such inspiration can be seen in the story of Pharaoh and Joseph working together to save Egypt and the Israelites.

9. Inner calm and solace: God’s dreams can provide people inner calm and solace. They offer comfort and line up with God’s blessings.

10. Specific instructions: Dreams from God frequently contain clear, simple directions that provide people step-by-step instructions to follow.

It is significant to remember that dream interpretation and determining their source involve discernment, prayer, and knowledge of biblical concepts.

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