If you want to be rich in life as a man, here are two things you must avoid at a young age (Opinion)

Everyone in this world wants to make it in life know matter their gender or condition. Without money, you will suffer in this world because you will lack all social amenities and if care is not taken, you might end your life due to frustration. Many people have suffered a lot and have learnt their lessons on things to avoid if you want to become successful. At a young age, there things you ought to do and things you ought not to do for your own good. But the problem is that when the youths are advised to stay away from some things, it seems to them that the adults want to have everything to themselves.



Personally, in my own opinion, if you want to be successful in this life there are two major things you ought to avoid at a young age. The things you need to avoid are mainly alcohol and women. These are the two major things that have stopped many people and derailed them from their path of success.


If you keep taking alcohol constantly, a time will come you will become addicted to it and that is when the problem comes in. Instead of you to plan on how 5o make it in life, you will keep on moving from one party to another smoking and taking alcoholic drinks. At times, when some people are drunk to stupor, they keep engaging in nefarious acts that will lead them to death or ending up in prison.


Another thing that has bedeviled most men is womanizing. If you are addicted to women, you will never have time for yourself and it will seriously affect you. The time you ought to use and work hard, you will be looking for one way or the other to get to your so called girlfriend. All young men should endeavour to avoid this two things to be successful in life.


  1. Intact I’m very much appreciated because some people in this life are only concern with woman’s or alcohol you make a very reasonable coat

    1. It is correct 100%.that is why youths we are ending up with nothing just because of those 2 things.

    1. Most of the Youths have totally failed to archive their goals and have nothing in this life, when they plan to go somewhere, they go with everything because they don’t own anything, tell them only alcohol and women.
      Please it’s not yet too late for you to change your life style.
      Thanks the writer, I really appreciate.

  2. you’re right,I’ve heard that &even practiced it but I was approaching middle age so I’d to get married.
    Sometimes I forget my wife&the fact I’m married…..I don’t drink but I had to because of the diabetic remissions in my extended family which is ravaging us.
    I really appreciate our words

  3. Comment That’s right some people think that in alcohol and women they will find peace but they becoming more troubled

  4. Thanks for such constructive advice. After getting married and withdrawing from alcohol,am seeing a better future.alcohol can only help in postponement of problems but not solving.

  5. This true, got addicted to alcohol, smoking and I do womanize but I thank God that I quit it all and focus on my life. It’s real hard to focus on your life if you got addicted to those three things but once you stopped it and focus on your life, within 6 months you gonna see lot of things that you gonna achieve

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