If You Want To Succeed In Life, Never Tell People This 4 Important Things

The tongue spits fire, the tongue is powerful, and the tongue can speak good and evil. Although it is sometimes good to open up to people, as mature people we should also learn to keep quiet about some things that are very important to our life and progress.



No one wants to fail, everyone wants to succeed in life. However, some end in failure. This can be caused by their inability to control their tongue.view here! If you are alert, you will notice that most of the successful politicians, successful businessmen/women, rich and successful people are not in the habit of telling the outside world everything that happens to them, because they know they are in danger.

This habit they exhibit is good because it keeps them out of the dangerous spotlight and away from the spotlight of enemies who might want to harm them in their business, financial and personal lives.


But in this article, we will further highlight four important things that you must learn not to tell anyone if you want to succeed in life.

1. Your child’s progress:

Your child’s success will in turn lead to your success. Why do you go around telling people all about your kids? Why? Many African parents have compromised their children’s fate in one way or another because they failed to withhold some important information about their children. Why do parents have to disclose all their children’s achievements? Why?

This is a very bad thing. In some cases, a parent will unknowingly talk to someone about deep things about their child, not knowing that the person they are talking to doesn’t like them.


If your child experiences failures or successes at any point in life, learn not to brag about them, because such behavior will do them more harm than good. At the same time, you may have a good and clear mind about them, but know that even among family members, there is unhealthy competition in people’s minds.

2. Your family and marriage matter:

If you want success in your marriage, keep your mouth shut and don’t talk about it with anyone.

It is called a family affair because it must be in the family, not outside the body. In some cases, there are definitely problems in the family, but maturity and common sense should tell you that sharing information leaves gaps in your family management.

Couples who have a problem or two in their marriage should find a way to be safe and discuss their problems with each other, rather than having outsiders do it for them.


Marriage is between two people who aren’t perfect, but who want to be one person to help the other overcome their perfection, so if the other person’s performance isn’t up to your expectations, try to raise it. and reveal everything to outsiders.

3. Your vision, dreams and goals:

As humans, we all have the ability to think critically and weather the storms of life. Let’s think about it, if Joseph had revealed his dream to his brothers, he certainly would not have ascended to the state in which he ascended in Egypt.

Dreams, visions and goals are part of what drives our lives and somehow an individual can define his dream and the way he wants to achieve it. May the people there still fight for their lives because they once made the mistake of telling people what they should have kept in their stomachs. Talking to someone prevents you from sharing such sensitive information because if you do, some people will kill your dreams and ambitions.

Learn to stay away from negative people who always try to throw you off balance by chasing after your thoughts and telling them secret things about yourself, because these people will implement or sell the ideas you reveal to them for their own selfish gain.



4. Your weaknesses and strengths:

Sometimes I wonder if people understand the good and the bad People around them.

Note that if God can open your spiritual eyes to see the worms and eaters around you that are trying to take you down, then you will learn to keep some things to yourself.

Life is a competition and there are millions of people who are not only unhappy with you, but will find ways to let you down. They will do anything to ensure complete failure in your life. You have to be very careful. Life is good, but it can turn against you if you’re not careful

Tell people about your weaknesses and strengths, they will give you a good idea of ​​how to get you off your feet. Your weakness is the side of you that is still learning to grow, so learn not to let those closest to you know about it.

Do you remember the story of Samson in the Bible, whose inability to caution himself from saying some things led to his destruction.

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