Iyabo Ojo mocks Lizzy Anjorin’s husband over land stealing saga –

Controversial actress Iyabo Ojo has taken to her page to mock Lizzy Anjorin and her husband after the land-stealing saga surfaced online.

Recall that Lizzy Anjorin accused Iyabo Ojo of framing her up in her recent gold fake transfer saga.

The actress shared a photo on her page from her colleague Faith Ojo, who confirmed that the rumors being circulated by Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal, regarding property stealing in Lagos were true.

Faith Ojo disclosed that she has known the information about Lizzy Anjorin’s husband allegedly involved in the land theft.

"I hope no be me set you husband up" - Iyabo Ojo mocks Lizzy Anjorin's husband over land stealing saga
Iyabo Ojo, Nigeria actress. source: Google

Even though she might not have had inside knowledge, Iyabo Ojo didn’t take long to share the word after publishing Faith Ojo’s post.

In a post sighted on her page she wrote, “Where are all that her useless godmothers, gullible fights, fake activists, and bloggers saying i set her up I hope you all won’t say i set her up on this, too… anuofias awon ala centric, isiku yii oni jereee”.

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