Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks Out After Tupac Shakur Murder Arrest: ‘Now I Hope We Can Get Some Answers’

Jada Pinkett Smith is reacting the arrest of a suspect in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur.

The Emmy-winning actress and talk show host took to her social media on Friday (Sept. 29) to speak out following news that Las Vegas police arrested Duane “Keffe D” Davis in connection with the drive-by shooting of the iconic rapper, who died on Sept. 13, 1996.

“Now I hope we can get some answers and have some closure. “R.I.P. Pac,” Pinkett Smith wrote on her Instagram Stories, adding a dove emoji.

The Girls Trip star’s post arrived hours after after Davis, 60, was arrested and charged with the high-profile murder on the Las Vegas strip, which has been the subject of numerous documentary films, investigative TV series, books, and theories about who gunned down the then-25-year-old MC.

Pinkett Smith had a close relationship with the rapper for many years. Since Tupac’s passing, she has often relived her memories with him in front of the public. In 2017, Pinkett Smith revealed that she was a drug dealer when she first met the rapper, and in 2021, she shared an unpublished poem from the “Dear Mama” rapper.

While Pac was alive, Pinkett Smith appeared in his “Keep Ya Head Up” and “Temptations” music videos, and covered $100,000 for his bail after he was convicted for sexual abuse. While the two stars never officially dated, their incredibly close friendship has become a point of public debate, especially in light of her and Smith’s “entanglement” controversies.

Earlier this month, Pinkett Smith shared an adorable throwback video of her and Shakur lip-syncing to  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s 1988 hit single “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

“Not in a million years would I have dreamed that the Fresh Prince and I would become, um, very acquainted. Not in a million years did I imagine three lives, their fates, would be so intertwined,” she wrote on Instagram. “And… I never would have imagined that this video would become a tangible memory, of the last time Pac and I, were simply kids together. Pac and I lip syncing Parents Just Don’t Understand by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince during our Junior year in high school. Who would have thought?”

The caption is believed to be an excerpt from Pinkett Smith’s forthcoming memoir, Worthy, which is slated for release on Oct. 17.


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