Lack of Sex: 4 Diseases and Health Problems it can cause in the Future

It is common to speak a lot about venereal diseases, that is, diseases of Venus, the ancient goddess of love and s3x, also known as Aphrodite to the Romans and as Astarté to the Phoenicians and Hebrews. In this case, the diseases are the result of s3xual activity (AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital herpes and others).

However, not much is usually said about the diseases that lack of s3x can cause. Know that they exist, and it is about them that we will discuss in this post. Read on and check out 4 of these diseases, according to Healthline experts.

1. Erectile dysfunction is the main one

Considered to be the horror of men, erectile dysfunction consists of the difficulty (or even impossibility) of having and/or maintaining a discharge sufficient for satisfactory s3xual intercourse.

To keep our organs and limbs active, it is important to keep them stimulated, always active. A person who doesn’t use their brain much is more likely to develop memory diseases, for example. Similarly, a paralytic tends to have atrophied legs because of the lack of use of the lower limbs.

Without s3xual activity, the male reproductive organs tends to be inactive. Its muscles are not properly working. Thus, the man may, over time, become atrophied or have secretion problems. It may even lead to s3xual impotence, depending on the case (since each organism has its own characteristics).

2. Prostate cancer

Another serious disease which can be caused by the absence of s3x in a man’s life (and no less important than erectile dysfunction) is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is still a great villain when it comes to reaping male victims around the world. And every man fears this disease, especially when he reaches the age of 40.

Having s3x can prevent this terrible problem because of regular discharge. Secreting frequently is a great way to prevent against the dreaded prostate cancer. Although it is possible to discharge without having s3x, by touching the male reproductive organs, it is naturally much more satisfying and pleasurable for men to discharge during s3xual intercourse – it is a matter of uniting the usefulness and pleasant.

3. Cardiovascular problems

S3x is an important activator of cardiac and vascular functions. It is not difficult to understand this, considering that s3xual activity requires effort that especially affects the heart. One of the possible effects of high libido is exactly the increase in the number of heart palpitations. In addition, a good secretion is characterised by good blood flow and concentration in the male reproductive organs.

The pleasure that is provided by s3x helps to oxygenate the blood better, greatly improving vascularity and mood, as well as helping to combat memory problems.

The lack of s3x is equivalent to a period in which hormonal (testosterone) and aerobic (associated to good breathing) impulses are compromised. Even considering that certain physical activities such as walking and using a treadmill can compensate, s3x is still a recommended activity to improve cardiovascular health.

4. Depression

S3xual activity is a necessity for both men and women. It is part of a normal and healthy life. This considers not only physiological aspects, but mental and emotional ones as well.

The man who regularly practices s3x certainly feels happier with himself and with life. The practice of s3x by men is associated with vigour, energy, strength. S3x is so important for men that, according to the Islamic religion, in Paradise each man will have 100 virgins at his disposal (called houris). And Paradise is associated with a place full of happiness and rejoicing.

Because it is an important factor in human life, men who suffer from lack of s3x are also prone to develop depression, the so-called “Evil of the Century”, which is characterized by low self-esteem, discouragement, lack of will to live (some depressives have a tendency to suicide), bad mood, irritation, apathy towards life and other things.

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