Ladies, Don’t Do These 10 Things If You Want Your Man To Respect You

As humans, we all yearn for respect, love, companionship, support etc., in our lives. We want to be respected and valued when dealing with other people; to the extent of doing whatever it takes just so we are not only seen but heard as well. Coming to the relationship between a man and a woman, a woman who feels she isn’t respected or valued will never be a happy woman.

There’s something a lot of ladies don’t know, and that is this – for a man to respect your person, it depends totally on how well you present yourself. There are so many things you may be doing that you feel is right, not knowing that it is something that will make your man to loose respect where you are. Now, many at times, you realize that the respect you are yearning for from your man is not forth coming; and as a lady, you can’t help but wonder, why? Here are some of the things you do that may be making your man loose some respect from you.

1. Do not act desperate: Some ladies usually fall victim of this particular point, either knowingly or unknowingly. You overdo things that normally is against your belief and home training, thinking it’s all love and sacrifice not knowing that it’s only a sign of desperation. Trust me when I tell you that men usually know when a lady is acting desperate, and that is usually a turn off for them.

2. Do not be dependent: men hates it when ladies are dependent on them for every of their wants and needs. They don’t like it when a lady is a cry baby and runs to him for everything. You are only making the man loose respect for you when you fail to be independent. Find something decent doing – no matter how little it is, do it, as long as it can solve some of your personal and immediate needs.

3. Do not dress indecently: yeah you heard me – it is good to dress sexy for your man but be decent in that dressing. Like an adage says; “Decency, is the new Sexy”. You mustn’t adorn an attire that makes you look like a prostitute just because you are trying to be sexy for your man because, you certainly will be addressed just the way you dressed.

4. Do not speak foolishly: Let your words be seasoned with salt. Try to always apply wisdom whenever you want to utter any word. Yeah, let him know you are smart in thinking, speaking and in listening; and that he can rely on you for a sound advice whenever the need arises.

5. Do not be controlling and rigid: controlling here means that you want him to abide by everything you say and want him to do. Oh come on! We are talking about a grown up man here and not a toddler. Dish out your own opinion or advice, then allow him to make a choice. Also don’t be the rigid type that fails to change her mind on anything or decision she has made. Be opening to learning new things from him and also, be versatile in your thinking.

6. Do not dare him: This is one of the mistakes most ladies make that has ruined their relationships. You shouldn’t dare a man because when you do, you will have to live with the consequences of your actions – whatever those consequences may be. Trust me, you may end up being at the loosing end.

7. Do not Pretend: yes oh, this is a very important point. Be real, there should be no need for pretense at all. Let him know the things you like and the ones you hate. Make him understand that you are human and that you feel pains too.

8. Do not be too clingy: Give him his space – men loves space. Don’t stop him from hanging out with his friends or going for his boys nights out etc. Give him space to live his life while you too live yours, as this will only foster the growth of your relationship.

9. Do not be unsupportive: Show him that you support him and that you are a shoulder he can lean on when troubles come. Appreciate all his little efforts at making you happy and loved. Let him know that you trust him and his judgments.

10. Do not have a low self esteem: This is the last but certainly not the least. Be confident in yourself, love your body, know that you are perfect just the way you are. Remember that the way you carry yourself will determine whether others will love you or take you for granted. Don’t let anyone bodyshame you irrespective of your looks or disabilities. You are beautiful, and you are equally amazing just the way you are.

In all, if you so much yearn for respect from your man, it is in your hands – know that respect isn’t something you demand for, rather, it is something you earn. Please leave a comment in the comment section if this post has been helpful to you. You can also click on the follow button for more relationship tips, like and share my posts too. I remain yours Austar16. Thanks for reading.

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