Ladies: Don’t Use Bleaching Cream See How To Get Clear Skin With Lemon Juice Without Side Effects

Most women strive to achieve healthy, radiant skin and a stunning appearance. A few of them have even resorted to using bleaching lotion just to look better and have clearer skin.


Light sensitivity, memory loss, irritability, and even kidney failure have been linked to bleaching cream use, prompting a warning from the World Health Organization (WHO).

There are no negative side effects associated with using homemade lemon juice to promote clear skin. Lemon’s high concentration of citric acid helps inhibit melanin formation in the skin.

Homemade lemon juice has the ability to naturally bleach darker pores and skin blemishes with frequent usage, so for best results, use it at least twice a day, every day.

This is the process by which lemon juice is produced.


Fruits like the lemon are classified as citrus.

Use of a Water-Diluted Method

To use, squeeze half a lemon into the tub and dilute the juice with 1/2 cup water.


How Might It Be Utilized?

To use, simply moisten a cotton pad with the paste and dab it onto your face. Five minutes later, rinse it off with cold water and follow up with your preferred moisturiser.

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