Ladies See Things You Do That Makes Your Man Run Away From You (Women Take Note)

The majority of women have no idea what their man expects from them. There are characters who can make a relationship last forever, and those who can only make it last for a short time. If you’ve noticed a shift in your man’s attitude toward you, it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

There are some things that men expect from their female partners to keep the relationship going. For example, a man may like a girl because of her sexy features, but if she loses her sexiness, he may abandon her.

Here are some things that make your man run away from you as a woman:

#1. Overeating: If you are the sort of lady who overeats, be wary of what your man expects from you. He does not want a woman who overeats because she runs the risk of being obese in the near future.

#2. Change of physical appearance:Some women don’t know how to preserve their physical appearance, and some women adjust after they marry because they believe there is no need to look glamorous and nice now that they are married. My darling, if you want your man to avoid other women, you must maintain a good appearance for him. Your man would not lose interest in you if he considers you attractive.

#3. Wearing wrapper all the time:

Even if their husband is at home with friends, most women enjoy putting in the wrapper. This is a repulsive mentality to have. In the sitting room, how can a lady come out with a wrapper to serve food and drink to her partner’s friends? Many men dislike this, and when they are fed up with it, they flee their wives or girlfriends.

#4. Being Disrespectful

How can a woman who is supposed to love and support her man become abusive and disrespectful? If you want your man to love you and remain next to you, you must do the following. You’d better get rid of the bad habit.

#5. Not providing his meal at the right time

You should be aware that the majority of men do not engage in stomach-based activities. “The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” you might have heard someone say. If you want to be that caring and loving wife, you should be aware of when your husband or boyfriend is hungry and in need of food, especially when he returns home from a long day at work. If you don’t meet this need, your man will continue to eat at other women’s restaurants, causing him to avoid you.

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