Man Arrested For Attempting To Sleep With His Brother’s Wife By Force|

Police in Rumphi at Hewe, have arrested a 29 year old man for suspecting him that he allegedly attempt to sleep with his brotherโ€™s wife by force.

Spokesperson for Rumphi police, Noel Kamchenga has confirmed the development and identified the suspect as Vitumbiko Ngwira.

According to Kamchenga, Ngwira has been arrested after intimidating his sister-in-law and threatening that he will kill her using an axe and a muzzleloader for turning down his sexual demands.

The woman is said to have been married to the brother of the suspect since 1999 but her husband left for South Africa in search of greener pastures.

Following his departure, his brother, the suspect started demanding sex on several occasions and she refused.

Therefore, police in the district have incarcerated him and he is being charged with a case of being found in possession of a rifle without a permit and will appear before court soon.

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