Masturbation A Silent Killer

A common belief is that masturbation is a healthy, harmless habit. However in reality, masturbation has many potential consequences: some can cause disease and never really get better.

Is an extremely dangerous behavior that can lead to severe health problems. After constant and multiple ejaculations, a man’s body becomes dependent on sperm and masturbation has the same effect

A silent killer without your knowledge is masturbation. Not just because it can affect one’s ability to have a normal sex life, but also because of its impact on the body.

It can lead to many physical and psychological disorders such as ejaculation disorder, sexual dysfunction and orgasm problems. It also affects our mental health in a very negative way.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 10 times daily masturbation with Internet porn is a silent killer of the heart. However, it may be difficult to stop once you have started because every time you view porn you release your brain chemicals into your body. Those toxins that usually stay in your brain can cause cancer cells, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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