Masturbation In Men: 3 Side Effects, and How You Can Stop Indulging In The Act

Most people who indulge in the act of masturbating, are unaware of the side effects, and how to stop such act.

However, today’s article will review some side effects of masturbating, and how an addict can stop such act, as soured from Medical-News-Today.

Below are common side effects of frequently masturbating:

1. One who frequently indulge in such act, may experience skin irritation because the wanking is much, which may also lead to chafing or even skin irritation.

2. Edema, is also another major symptom in men because of the groping of the organ too tight during the act, which can lead to mild swelling or edema.

3. Lastly, guilt is another common side effect of such act because some people may experience some negative feelings like shame or guilt, after indulging in such act.

Below are helpful ways to stop indulging in the act of masturbating.

1. The person should stop watching adult movies, or visiting adult websites because the exposure to adult movies, pictures and websites, can trigger the desire to masturbate.

2. Another helpful to stop indulging in such act, is to stay active always by occurring yourself with some helpful activities that can take off your bored moments, which can help occur your time, and offer less time that can trigger any thought of masturbating.

3. Seek for professional help, spend more time with people, and even also join support groups that can help keep you busy, and make you stay away from bored times.

4. Lastly, exercise like running, swimming, and other physical activities, are helpful things that can help the body, and also can help release endorphins that promote feelings of well-being, which may reduce the urge to frequently masturbate.

Conclusion: Above are some side effect of regular masturbating, and some helpful tips to help an addict stop such act.

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