Medications That Slowly Weakens Erection Every Man Should Know Of

Although it’s common to blame pharmaceuticals, most men with erectile dysfunction are understandably wary of their prescription prescriptions.

Drugs can help us get well, but they can also have negative effects in some cases. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be brought on by any drug that interferes with libido, blood flow, or organ function.

In a man with erectile dysfunction (ED), neither getting nor keeping an erection is possible. Possible culprits include medications for hypertension, hormone imbalance, or mental condition. Here, I’d like to provide some information from Medical News Today concerning medications known to cause erection problems.

Iā€™m First, hypertension medication. Men with hypertension (high blood pressure) take these medications. Because they assist ease tension in the blood vessels, they may improve blood flow, which may improve ED in men. Drugs including beta-blockers, spironolactone, clonidine, and certain diuretics are examples of this category.

Second, Drugs for Fun. These powerful medicines are used by men to boost their confidence, but they are also rumored to create erection problems in certain users. Alcohol usage may contribute to or exacerbate ED symptoms. Some examples of recreational drugs are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, and other stimulants.

Anti-immunity drugs, 3. These medications have been administered for patients with autoimmune disorders. They are also used postoperatively to keep patients from rejecting new organs. Male performance is negatively impacted in addition to the immune system’s actions being dampened. To name just a few: cyclosporine, everolimus, tacrolimus

Four, an anti-androgen. To reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer in the prostate, these medications inhibit specific masculine traits. They could, however, cause erectile dysfunction. Anti-androgens include drugs like nilutamide, flutamide, ketoconazole, etc.

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