Men, Don’t Be In A Hurry To Tell A Woman This Things

Women are more sensitive to what a man says as compared to what they see. For this reason,n every man should be very careful of what he says to a lady. Different things should be revealed at different stages of your relationship. Some things are meant to be told after marriage but some men say them early in the relationship and this affects them badly. Below are some of the things you should never hurry to tell a woman until when the right time has come.

1. Never be in a hurry to tell a woman about your emotions to her. At this time you don’t know whether she feels the same as you feel for her. You might be hanging out with her thinking that she likes you only to find out later that she has a different understanding of your relationship. This will hurt you and it will take time before you are fine again. Know what she thinks and feels before you open up to her to be on the safe side.

2. Don’t be too quick to ask her to be your wife or girlfriend just a short time after meeting. You have not yet known each other well and there are probably hidden characters of hers that she has not revealed. Keep your guard low and study her for some time. When you are very sure that she meets your standards of the woman you want you can then ask her that. I guess you don’t want to bite your fingers in regret your decisions.

3. Never should you let a woman know your financial information unless she is your wife. Money is the reason many relationships have failed. When a lady knows you have money, her mind will focus on it and she won’t give you the love you want. If she also realizes that you don’t have much money, some ladies will end it with you. Let your finances be a secret to you alone.

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